Welcome to the Junior Development League (JDL)

‘Having fun and building confidence through basketball’


To introduce basketball to primary school-aged children and:

•get them engaged and excited about basketball!

•develop players confidence and sportspersonship

•develop their understanding of teamwork and respect; including the ‘unwritten rules’

•prepare players to enter competitive basketball with appropriate support networks - at their own pace

•give every player equal court time – basketball for fun!

Why not call it under 10s?

•All children develop at different stages.

•Not all children like competition and want to play for fun

•Under 10’s was restricting and some children (and/or parents) didn’t feel ready to go to under 12’s.

•Renaming allowed for inclusivity and natural progression

•We ‘promote’ children to under 12s with a ‘foot in each pond’ – players are welcome to play in the JDL and under 12’s for one season as a stepping stone to more competitive basketball.

•We encourage players wishing to be promoted to do so before the age of 12, otherwise they would go from JDL to under 14’s

Games: Saturday 8:30 – 9:30 at the Noosa Leisure Centre. JDL will resume on 6 February, 2021.

Price: $90 per term


Dynamic Activation Warm-up

Warm-up Game/s to enhance skill level

Scratch match style games. Players get put into teams each time -add and learn new rules as we go along

Stay to shake hands at the end

Volunteers - 'Many hands make light work!'


•If you are here, you can help (no extra organisation)!

•Don’t have to be a basketball expert!

•There are plenty of things you can do to help:

- Join the Coaching Team

- Scoring 

- Assist in a drill/ run a game

- Run a bench on game day


Players that move into the Under 12 competition are invited to stay playing into the JDL for one extra term to ensure a positive transition.