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Noosa Basketball is proudly a part of the Sunshine Coast Basketball Association (SCBA)

This affiliation was officially approved on February 17th 2015, with the outcome forming a federation between the Caloundra Heat, Suncoast Clippers, and the Noosa Cyclones under the new entity, the Sunshine Coast Basketball Association.

The primary purpose of the federation is to improve the standards of basketball on the Sunshine Coast. The existing associations continue to operate, being affiliated associations or "clubs" under the Sunshine Coast Basketball Association banner. All members from these clubs will be registered under SCBA, with membership numbers totalling about 1,300. This puts SCBA in the top five associations in Queensland in terms of member numbers.

Players wanting to take their basketball to the next level, and join a representative team, will try out for SCBA's representative team, the Sunshine Coast Phoenix.

Sunshine Coast Phoenix is apart of the BQJBC juniors competitions (U10 to U21), as well as the biggest competition in Queensland, the QBL.

If you are looking to find out more about Sunshine Coast Phoenix, please visit their facebook or email

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