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Junior Competition Back For 2019

Basketball is back for 2019!

To help players and teams shake off their holiday rust before games commence February 8th (Friday Comp) and 9th (Saturday Comp), the courts will be open this coming Friday and Saturday for casual shooting, and the following Friday and Saturday for teams to book in a halfcourt for team practice to prepare for the second half of the season.

To organise a booked team practice for Feb 1st or 2nd, please email

The second round of the Summer Split payment is due before games commence, please pay these fees in order for your son/daughter to be eligible to play.

(If you are unsure whether you have paid the second fee, please email us.)

Due to being halfway through the Summer Competition, new members within the competition are subject to availability within the teams currently competing.

Looking forward to a great year of basketball in 2019, see you on the courts Cyclone Family!


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