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Men's Comp Grand Final Review

Starting back in late July, Season 2 of the Noosa Men's Competition in 2018 was one of the most talent-filled seasons yet.

Based on ladder positions alone, the 17 round season provided plenty of upsets, with every team being challenged down the stretch.

It all came to and end this past Tuesday, as all teams battled it out in their respective division.


Division 1

Grand Final - Bootsco v Crispy Carls

Bootsco caps off an impressive undefeated season

If there was any team with a chance to knock off the Grand Final favourites, it was the Crispy Carls.

With only a 10 point margin last time they met in the regular season, they faced eachother again in, this time in the Division 1 Grand Final.

In a low scoring affair, defence was the key for each team to winning the game.

After a neck-and-neck first quarter exchanging baskets, it looked that Bootsco started to gain some momentum in the second quarter, pushing out to an early 7 point lead, before a combined effort from Angus Low and Noah Benjamin brought it back to just within 2 at the main break.

Despite a great effort in the first half by the Carls, Bootsco came out in the second half with full control, building the lead every minute until the final buzzer, with the eventual score 39-25.

League-leading scorer James Farrelly lead the charge for Bootsco, racking up nearly half of their final score (19 points)

This win caps off a stellar season performance from Bootsco, completing the season undefeated through all 17 rounds.

3/4 Playoff - Tropics v White Washers

Tropics finishes 3rd for S2 2018

Coming off a 19 point loss only weeks ago in the regular season, the Tropics turned it around in the 3/4 Playoff against the White Washers, earning a comfortable 16 point victory.

Jake Koenen led the way for the Tropics, pouring in 18 points, while Joel Hayes contributed 12 points for the night. Jake Ford provided 14 points for the White Washers, hitting 4 three pointers.


Division 2

Grand Final - Titans v NTOB

The Division 2 Grand Final saw two teams which have been neck and neck all season, and this game wasn't any different.

Both teams had runs throughout the match, with the lead changing 5 times between buzzers, with the margin never exceeding double digits.

With what looked to be an NTOB win, pushing out a 6 point lead in the last 2 minutes, Connor Curtis and Michael Steinardt connected with three 3 pointers in the dying stages to bring the game to a stalemate, with the final result a 49-49 tie, sharing the title.

Michael Steinhardt and Connor Curtis produced a combined 31 out of the Titan's 49 points (17 an 14 points respectively).

3/4 Playoff - Fakers v FWOTAM

FWOTAM by forfeit.


Division 3

Grand Final - Etroit Pistons v Hornets

Chris Whitson (left) and Jack Usai (right) both played a big role in the finals series for the Etroit Pistons

Moving into the Division 3 Grand Final, both teams had a very up and down year, winning games against teams in the 1st and 2nd Division, but also falling short to some bottom half teams.

It was just a ten point margin moving into halftime, with both teams firing, although that fire soon went out after a huge second half by the Pistons.

Jack Usai, who finished second in the regular season throughout the competition in scoring, came up big for the Pistons, posting a 36 point performance off the back of 5 threes.

3/4 Playoff - Beagles v Top Dogs

Beagles by forfeit.


Finals MVP

James Farrelly - Bootsco (19 Points)

Overall MVP

James Farrelly - Bootsco (27.85 ppg)

Most Threes

Angus Low - Crispy Carls (31 3pm)


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